The Happiness Kitchen - Capital Monday

Hotspot: The Happiness Kitchen in Eindhoven

Hi guys, today I’ve got another hotspot for you! This time I went to pay a visit to The Happiness Kitchen located in Eindhoven. I would be lying if I told you that I  was only there for a lovely lunch or the fact that I was alone. Kevin and I also took some outfit photo’s in this pretty city and I also did some shopping.

Arrrg I’m off the subject again (my head is spinning a lot lately). Please continue reading to get to know more about this lovely diner!

The Happiness Kitchen - Capital Monday

About The Happiness Kitchen

They say that they are more than just a juice bar or eatery. And they are absolutely right! It’s a perfect place to sit and relax, you can even take food away. The staff members are there to assist you with the most delicious and healthiest food. That every single day. They really try to support people to eat healthier even when they are planning for a meal outside of their homes. The Happiness Kitchen serves 100% natural product and support the locally grown ingredients. Besides serving wholesome foods and drinks, they try to go as much organic as they can.

The Happiness Kitchen
Nieuwstraat 25
5611 DA Eindhoven

Opened: Tuesday till Saturday from 08:00 – 19:30 and at Sunday from 09:30 – 19:30.

The Happiness Kitchen - Capital Monday

My experience 

When Kevin and I finally arrived in Eindhoven, we immediately went looking for a place to grab some lunch. We both wanted something healthy and that’s when The Happiness Kitchen caught my eye. There was no doubt in our mind, we had to go in. And we were glad we did. By the look and feel of this place you can see that they have a very healthy and green way of making their dishes.

The Happiness Kitchen - Capital Monday

It looks so welcoming, very tidy and organized. I love it when a eatery looks that way, it bring a calm vibe of some sort.

The Happiness Kitchen - Capital Monday

The staff was nice and very helpful with picking out something to lunch. Look at all those yummy things on the picture below! Amazing right?!

The Happiness Kitchen - Capital Monday

What did I order?

We both wanted the Healthy platter very bad. Normally they only serve breakfast dishes till 1 o’clock, but on Sunday you can order breakfast the whole day through! We were two very happy kids.

The Happiness Kitchen - Capital Monday

The Healthy platter is served with scrambles eggs and tofu, a slice of desem bread, a buckwheat pancake, fresh fruits, a fresh pressed juice, a slice of banana bread and a cappuccino. A lot right? I didn’t even finish every thing. But is was extremely tasteful and I would go for it again next time.

The Happiness Kitchen - Capital Monday

This place is heaven for everyone that’s watching their health a little bit more. You can eat guilt free around here! That’s what we all want, don’t you think?

The look and feel of this place makes me think of SLA Utrecht. A very nice and healthy place as well. Read the review I did ont this establishment here.



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  1. No I’ve never been there. I never considered a nice enough city to go to. But maybe now I will! If only to try one of those snickers balls : )

    1. I really recommend this place. It’s also a nice city for doing some serious shopping and shooting some outfit photo’s. XXX

  2. Wat ziet het er onwijs leuk uit! Ik kom bijna nooit helaas in Eindhoven 🙁

  3. Dat lijkt me zeker een bezoekje waard – maar weet niet of ik het zal kunnen laten om de chefs te voeden :p

  4. Oh wauw, dit klinkt als een ontzettend lekker en leuk restaurant. Mooie foto’s heb je gemaakt!

  5. Ik loop er bijna elke dag wel voorbij, maar nooit binnen gelopen. Volgende keer toch maar eens doen!

  6. Wow, looks awesome. When I am in Eindhoven I will visit this place because it looks so nice.

  7. Ik kom weleens in eindhoven maar deze kende ik nog niet ! Als ik daar ben ga ik er zeker naartoe ziet er super uit

  8. The place and the food looked really nice! I don’t go often to Eindhoven, but I will remember this spot

  9. Vrienden van mij gaan binnenkort vliegen vanaf Eindhoven en waren van plan daar te overnachten. Ik ga ze je linkje appen. Leuk!

  10. Wat een leuke plek. Had het er laatst al over om een dagje Eindhoven te doen, goed tip!

  11. Ziet er heel leuk en mooi uit! Eindhoven is een beetje uit de richting. Maar mocht ik er in de buurt zijn, is het er een om te onthouden

  12. Evy

    Wauw, het interieur en eten ziet er geweldig uit! De prijzen zijn ook niet verkeerd 🙂 Leuke hotspot!

  13. Ben eigenlijk nog nooit in Eindhoven geweest, alleen doorheen gereden. Maar dit ziet er lekker en netjes uit! Vooral die cupcakes 🙂

  14. Het ziet er allemaal heerlijk en goed verzorgd uit. Prettige omgeving ook inderdaad.

  15. Binnenkort ga ik naar Eindhoven dus heel tof om te onthouden en daar te eten!

  16. Oh yummie! Ik zit hier gewoon te kwijlen. Heerlijk zeg! En die menukaart ziet er sowieso niet slecht uit. Mooi en leuk zaakje!

  17. Mmm het ziet er superlekker uit! Mijn bestie wil met mij ook eens een dagje shoppen in Eindhoven, ik zal dit adresje proberen onthouden!

  18. Haven’t been in Eindhoven, but i will probably in the future. This place looks very nice and can give me some inspiration for more healty bakes as well!

  19. Wat klinkt dit als een leuke plek. Ook super dat je op zondag de hele dag kan ontbijten. Dat is wel ideaal voor een uitslaper als ik.

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