Travel Journal of Curaçao - Avila Beach- Capital Monday

Do you love Curaçao? We sure do! | Travel Journal – Part 2

Hi, I’m back again with the second part of my Travel Journal of Curaçao! Although we spend our last few days a little bit calmer, we still saw a lot of beauty. I hope you enjoy this part as well. Are you reading along?

Day 5

The caves of Hato
After a good nigh sleep, we drove to the caves of Hato near by the Hato airport.  These caves where used as hide out by the slaves, who fled for the slave traders.  You could still see the black smoke from their torches on the ‘ceiling’ of the caves. So sad, it made me very quite for a while.

The inhabitants who lived here before the slaves were the Arawak Indians. You can still see some of their remains in the form of wall drawings. So cool to see. They were placed there over 1500 years ago!

Travel Journal of Curaçao - Caves of Hato - Capital MondayTravel Journal of Curaçao - Caves of Hato - Capital Monday

The caves are surrounded by an Indian trail. Some sort of landscaped park where you can see all of the plants, trees and animals that are very common on the island. You also learn with trees and plants are extremely venomous only by touching them.

Travel Journal of Curaçao - Caves of Hato - Capital Monday

Day 6

Chilling at Avila Beach Hotel
We didn’t do that much this day, that’s why they call it vacation right? Other ways you will be exhausted at the end. That was not what we were going for, so here a couple of great pictures of the hotel. There will be a Hotel review very soon by the way.

Travel Journal of Curaçao - Avila Beach- Capital Monday
Travel Journal of Curaçao - Avila Beach- Capital Monday

Bedrock Café
After a day filled with doing almost nothing we went to a Café nearby, where we could have a nice drink and bite for a good price. This place is called Bedrock Café. We went here two times during our stay, it’s definitely a recommendation. This is a place were a lot of Dutch people come who live on this gorgeous island. The strangest thing is that every bar, supermarket or even houses are extra secured with bars. We ordered two hamburgers with fries, they were pretty good.

Travel Journal of Curaçao - Bedrock café - Capital Monday

Day 7

Shopping at Sambil Curaçao
Of course we also went shopping at the closest shopping mall. We wind up at the local Sambil. They have al kinds of stores, from clothes to a lot of food stands. We fell in love with one store in particular… The VBK & Triple7 (yes, this is one store). Daan bought the coolest t-shirt there, that you wouldn’t see in typical Dutch stores. And I bought the most amazing black pants with wide pipes. Perfection, so I will make an outfit post with it in a couple of weeks.

Travel Journal of Curaçao - Sambil- Capital Monday
Travel Journal of Curaçao - Triple7- Capital Monday

Dinner at Rozendeals
That evening we went out for dinner at restaurant Rozendeals across the street of our hotel. It’s one of the cutest restaurants that we have seen during our stay. I took the photo below when they weren’t open yet. I even held my camera over the fence. When it’s dark, it’s a very romantic spot. Perfect for a night with your lover.

Travel Journal of Curaçao - Rosendeals - Capital Monday

Day 8 – The last day of our Travel Journal of Curaçao

Back to Punda
At the last day we returned our rental car and decided to take a walk to the neighborhood of Punda. We still needed some souvenirs, so that was our main goal. After some time of strolling around the centre, we came across a Victoria Secret store and I had to go inside. Here I purchased the cutest pasport holder ever.

Travel Journal of Curaçao - Capital Monday Travel Journal of Curaçao - Capital Monday

We also had our last lunch here, because we only had a couple of hours left before the transfer bus would pick us up at the hotel. So we tried to enjoy our last hours to the fullest. But that didn’t work out anymore, we both were a little bit home sick that day. It was nice get home again after a long flight.

I hope you liked the second part of our Travel Journal as well as the first part.



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  1. Wauw wat een prachtige fotos! Ik zou er een hoop voor over hebben om nu mijn tassen te pakken en lekker naar curaçao te vliegen zeg!

  2. What a lovely pictures! I love the see and the cactus on your pictures. Nice shopping also.

  3. Prachtig! Curacao staat zeker op mijn travel list. Mijn man is er al geweest en vond het fantastisch. Next year!

  4. Het ziet er super leuk uit. Ik ben daar nog nooit geweest, maar mijn moeder wel. Zij zegt ook dat het echt een aanrader is om naartoe te gaan!

  5. Wauw wat lijkt Curacao me een mooie plek. Prachtige foto’s. Ik zou er graag heen willen.

  6. Ik ben nu wel nieuwsgierig naar het review van het hotel. Wow dat zag er prachtig uit. Ideaal om te relaxen.

  7. Helaas nog nooit geweest… maar ziet er zo prachtig uit! Ik zie nog een beetje op tegen het lange vliegen met mijn jongens, maar dat gaat er zeker een keer van komen.

  8. Daphen

    Wauw, wat enorm mooi! Wil er altijd nog eens naartoe!

  9. Die grotten kende ik helemaal niet. Oh ik wil nog een keer terug. En winkelen vind ik zo leuk daar!

  10. Ziet er uit als een heerlijke vakantie zo te zien heb je je wel vermaakt. Wat wil je met zo’n mooie omgeving! Ik ben in ieder geval geïnspireerd om naar curacao te gaan.

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