Curacao Travel Journal- Kleine Knip- Capital Monday

Curaçao… You were great | Travel Journal – Part 1

Our vacation is already over and done, while lot’s of people just left or even still have a couple of weeks to go. Today I want to share with you the things we did in our vacay at Curaçao (at least the 1st part, the 2nd part will be online soon).

Sharing is caring right? If you are going there as well, please keep on reading so you don’t miss out on the most beautiful spots here.

IMG_4104IMG_4067Curacao Travel Journal- Curacao sign - Capital Monday

Day 1

The Journey:
We left on a Wednesday morning around 5 o’clock, to be on time for our bagage drop-off at Schiphol Airport. Went were past the customs, we took some time to have breakfast and visited some duty-free stores. This is already the part when I’ve got the feeling that I’m on vacation.

Curacao Travel Journal - Capital Monday

Over 13 hours later (we had a stopover at St. Maarten) we arrived at Hato airport on the island of Curaçao. I’m still glad we booked the entertainment packages with our flight. Luckily for us after our arrival, we had a transfer bus from Hato to the Avila Beach Hotel. As you can see, we were both very tired from the flight.

Curacao Travel Journal - Capital Monday

Day 2

Our real car pick-up:
At our first full day here, we took a stroll around Willemstad to pick up our rental car at the Lion Beach Hotel. A must if you really want to see something on this island. On our way there, we came across the most beautiful colored houses and the most idillic beaches.

IMG_4067Curacao Travel Journal - Capital MondayIMG_4067Curacao Travel Journal - Capital Monday

Visiting Otrabanda and Punda:
Right after picking up the car, we went to see the neighborhood of Otrabanda and Punda in Willemstad. We came across this amazing art project that was made by students. This city (actually the whole island) is filled with so much beauty and expiry at the same time, that you have to give your eyes a moment to let it all sink in.

Curacao Travel Journal - Otrabanda - Capital MondayCuracao Travel Journal - Otrabanda - Capital Monday

The Queen Emma Bridge:
We also took a walk across the famous Queen Emma Bridge from Otrabanda towards Punda, with the amazing view of the equally famous ‘Handelskade’. Look at this view, this is really a must see when you are visiting Curaçao.

Curacao Travel Journal - De Pontjesbrug - Capital Monday

Day 3

The Christoffel Mountain:
At the third day, we started the morning with a quite sporty activity. We climbed the Christoffel Mountain, believe me it is much harder than the locals make you believe! It’s getting rockier and steeper after every couple of meters. My heart heated so fast, it was like I was doing one of my exercises at the gym. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the top, it was to hard for me. My BF at the other had did make it all the way up there. I was so proud! I waited in the middle of the wildernis for him to come back. That was pretty tensive from time to time. Be my view was breath taking!

Curacao Travel Journal- Christoffel Mountain - Capital Monday Curacao Travel Journal- Christoffel Mountain - Capital Monday

De Grote Knip:
After all of the hard work of that morning, we went to one of the most gorgeous looking beaches of the island called ‘De Grote Knip’. We spent almost the whole day here to get our well deserved rest. Isn’t she a beauty?

Curacao Travel Journal- Grote Knip - Capital Monday

De Kleine Knip:
Late in the afternoon we decided to visit the smaller little sister ‘De Kleine Knip’. This beach was almost the half smaller, but blessed with a perfect view.

Curacao Travel Journal- Kleine Knip- Capital Monday

Day 4

The Ostrichfarm:
I’m so excited to tell you guys about the 4th day! We had the chance to feed those lovely 11 months old ostriches at the Ostrichfarm. So cute, even when they are almost 2 feet bigger than you! We went on a guided safari there, they told us some quite interesting facts about these animals.

Curacao Travel Journal- Ostrich farm- Capital MondayCuracao Travel Journal- Ostrich farm- Capital Monday

On the farm they also had a pair of animals that you don’t want to come across in real life. Crocodiles! The were very imposing to see.

Curacao Travel Journal- Ostrich farm- Capital Monday

Jan Thiel Beach:
After our quality time with the ostriches and the crocodiles we went to one Jan Thiel Beach. A lot of people come here to party at night. We didn’t, our hotel was a little bit to far away and it wasn’t a great idea to walk back. There is still a lot of criminality going on here. But that didn’t stop us from some relaxing and sunbathing at the beach that day and there was even a DJ playing!

Curacao Travel Journal- Jan Thiel Beach- Capital MondayCuracao Travel Journal- Jan Thiel Beach- Capital Monday

If you are going to curaçao, don’t forget to bring enough and powerful sunscreen. Check out my previous post about my Vacay Essentials that I took everywhere we went. I hope you liked out little travel journal of Curaçao for so far. Stay tuned for part 2 next week.



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  1. Amy

    Wat ziet Curaçao er toch prachtig uit, vooral die stranden! Staat zeker nog op mijn bucketlist.

  2. Wauw dat zag er een prachtige reis uit. Ik zou denk ik vooral rondwandelen in de steden en dorpjes want ik ben verliefd op die gekleurde huisjes. Love It!

  3. Wat een heerlijke vakantie hebben jullie gehad in Curacao zeg. Ik krijg bij het zien van deze foto’s ook echt zin in vakantie. Helaas zit het er dit jaar niet in omdat ik net een nieuwe baan heb.

    1. Toevallig had ik al geboekt voordat ik mijn contract had getekend bij mijn nieuwe job. Ik wil de dit echt niet laten schieten.
      Misschien een tip voor volgend jaar! XXX

  4. Dat is best een lange vlucht. Die gekleurde huisjes zijn zo mooi! Welkom terug!

  5. Ik ben een paar jaar terug ook naar Curacao geweest en vond het echt een super fijn eiland. Ik zou zo weer terug willen

  6. Ik vind alleen die letters Curacao al heel bijzonder. En wat leuk dat je ging ontbijten op Schiphol. Op zo’n moment begint het vakantiegevoel meteen al denk ik!

  7. Eerlijk gezegd kan ik niet kiezen. Ik vind alles even mooi! Maar als ik toch moet, zou ik zeggen Grote Knip. Wat een prachtig strand! Echt dat bounty-eiland gevoel 🙂

  8. Jammer dat je de top niet hebt gehaald want het uitzicht is adembenemend. ?

    Elke keer als ik verhalen lees of foto’s zie van Curacao, dan ben ik stiekem trots dat ik op zo’n mooi eiland mag wonen.

    Ik hoop dat je enorm genoten hebt van je vakantie!

  9. Wauw het ziet er zo mooi en gaaf uit! Ik zou daar zeker ooit wel eens naar toe willen x

  10. Wat een mooi fotodagboek al weer! Ik vind die gekleurde huisjes zo leuk! Jammer dat dat in Belgie niet echt een trend is 😉

  11. Wat een heerlijk weer! Ik heb nu ook echt zin om op vakantie te gaan. Lekker ontspannen en mooie dingen bekijken.

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