Sundress Lascana - Capital Monday

Wearing his favorite summer dress by LASCANA | Outfit

Maybe you’ve noticed that I was absent the last two weeks. I was on my vacation to Curacao with my boyfriend and decided that I needed a little break from everything (here you can find my ‘Get ready’ post). So thank you so much for stopping by! This time I want to show you my newest and cutest summer dress by LASCANA. The pictures where also taken on this amazing island, that I will love to revisit again someday. Enjoy!

Sundress Lascana - Capital Monday

About the LASCANA summer dress

This bandeau dress consists of a shuffled top piece with a fashionable skirt that contains volant, the whole dress is made out of pure viscose. The cute print on the fabric makes that this dress is different than the last one.

I fell in love with this dress because of the way it looks on my body. The fabric dances on the wind and gives you a very free feeling. The summer is finally here!
Because of the loose fitting fabric on the bottom, you can hide those extra vacation pounds very easily *winking and sticking out my tongue*.

Sundress Lascana - Capital Monday

Curious what my tattoo says?

‘Be who you want to be and free yourself completely’

Sundress Lascana - Capital Monday

This print is everything, right? Black and white… you can’t go wrong with that. The figures have a very hobo/hippie vibe going on. White is the main color. Because of that, this dress fits perfectly on a sunny day like this.

Sundress Lascana - Capital Monday

Let’s have some fun sun, with LASCANA!

On my vacations I only want te wear things that are slightly loose fitting. I need to have the feeling that I can do everything in those clothes and that I also look nice in them. I even went hiking in the mountains with this one! Amazing and a little bit absurd at the same time, believe me I know.

Sundress Lascana - Capital MondaySundress Lascana - Capital Monday

But good fitting summer dresses or other summer items are always pretty hard to find.  I’m still glad that I came across, they have so many stuff and something for everyone. Besides LASCANA, sell a lot of great dresses as well.

LASCANA is a webshop powered by OTTO, one of the biggest webshops in the Netherlands.



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  1. I really like your dress! I like the layers and it looks very feminine. The only thing that worries me is how to wear a bra underneath.

  2. Een hele mooie jurk, en vind de foto’s ook ontzettend tof gemaakt (vooral de locatie haha) x

  3. Mooie jurk! en wat een geweldig mooie achtergrond. Heerlijk even lekker ertussenuit!

  4. Wat een mooie jurk! Echt zomergevoel. Plus wat een uitzicht, om jaloers van te worden. Ik hou persoonlijk ook van maxi jurken, voel ik me elegant mee

  5. Echt een schattige jurk inderdaad! Staat je super goed! En wat een toffe tattoo heb je ook.

  6. Amy

    Wow wat een prachtige foto’s zijn het geworden! Het jurkje staat je ook erg goed trouwens.

  7. De jurk staat je beeldig! Mooie foto’s, goed gebruik gemaakt van de zalige locatie precies ;).

  8. Prachtige bestemming en jurkje! Heerlijk om er even tussenuit te kunnen. Soms heb je dit gewoon nodig 🙂

  9. Hello Chantal, you have shared beautiful pictures of yours. You are looking so beautiful in this outfit. I love your blog. I like this type of cool outfits for summer. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog. Keep posting!

  10. Mooie jurk op een prachtige locatie! Helemaal zomers en hij staat je prachtig

  11. Wat een prachtig jurkje! En hele mooie foto’s. Ik zou willen dat ik zo’n jurkje kon dragen…

  12. Wow, the dress and the pictures are amazing! And the location is beautiful!

  13. Love this dress, it looks so pretty on you. Also the view you had there looks pretty amazing

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