mymuesli Golden Granola- Capital Monday

Hip Hip Hooray! Mymuesli’s 10th birthday

Is there anything nicer than starting your day, nice and slow with a good breakfast and a cup of coffee? I don’t think so! Luckily for me, I have something easy and quick to support me on a early morning. This would be my new breakfast addiction… Mymuesli Golden Granola. How, what, why and when? Keep on reading.

mymuesli Golden Granola- Capital Monday

About mymuesli

Ten years ago three student from Germany, came up with the idea of developing their own custom-mixed muesli brand. The possibility of creating your own individual muesli mix online became a very big hit in 2007 and the inventory was sold out in no time. Since then they expanded their brand to the rest of Europe, England, Sweden and Switzerland. In the mean time mymuesli has five physical stores. They even started with very handy mymuesli2go products, limited edition storages kettles and you have a choice between 80 different biological ingredients.

mymuesli Golden Granola- Capital Mondaymymuesli Golden Granola- Capital Monday

10 year anniversary
Hip Hip Hooray, it’s my muesli’s 10th birthday! Let’s celebrate!

In honor of their 10th anniversary they came up with the Golden Granola limited edition. A very special mix from the most popular ingredients with some new ones for the surprise. This mix contain very delicious caramel and sea salt crisps. They also did their very best to make something special out of the packaging. With the unique design and the golden logo, this product really is a highlight of your day.

mymuesli Golden Granola- Capital Monday

My experience

When I got this pretty package in my mail, I couldn’t stop staring at it. It looks amazing and very chic!

First of all I want to confess that I never ate muesli before in my life. This because I was always well aware of the fact, that muesli contains nuts quite often. So, not a great idea with my allergy. But this one is clear, luckily for me.

After a few days of trying it, I fell in love with the taste of it! A great recommendation for anyone who has only a few minutes left in the morning. I personally like to put my muesli on a bowl of Skyr of goat yogurt.

mymuesli Golden Granola- Capital Monday



This article is a collaboration with mymuesli.

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  1. 10 years! Wow, i just started to notice this brand. I really didn’t know it was already on the market for a decade. I have to admit, i never have ordered it.

  2. Dat klinkt echt super lekker! We hebben een mymuesli winkel hier in Utrecht. Daar zal ik snel eens binnen lopen! Ik eet meestal havermout als ontbijt 🙂

    1. Ik heb wel een over de winkel gehoord ja. Ik ben hier nog niet eerder geweest. Misschien toch maar een keertje aan. Xxx

  3. Echt geweldig, de granola ziet er gewoon kunstig uit. Zo’n gaaf concept dit!

  4. I just read about My Muesli and I love the concept! My father is a huge muesli fan, so I guess I will create a special mix for Fathersday. Malou x

  5. Maikel

    I used to Buy their mueslie mostly in Germany, ive always been a big fan. Need to try this one

  6. Ik vind dit concept zo leuk! Helaas wel aan de prijzige kant, maar zeker leuk om een keer te proberen!

  7. Hi! Ik zoek nog lekkere bio muesli. Super dit! En het ziet er nog sjiek uit ook. 🙂

  8. Great muesli! I’m trying to eat less bread, so I’m enjoying my muesli in the morning.

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