PerfumeLAB - Capital Monday

PerfumeLAB – What’s your sCentimental need today?

Last Saturday I had a lovely conversation with Edith Vervest (co-founder of PerfumeLAB) about their new brand and the thoughts behind the products. My perfume addicted heart (I have over 20 bottles…Oops) skipped a beat and I became enthusiastic right away.

PerfumeLAB - Capital Monday

About PerfumeLAB

At PerfumeLAB they believe that you can’t catch all of a woman’s feelings in one scent. To be more precise… One day you feel powerful and strong. The day after you want to stay in bed. Sensual and seductive at one moment and very feminine and girlie the next. Sometimes you also want to feel a little bit more energetic or confident.

This brand is based in Opio (France), nearby Grasse. They work with the best perfumers to develop new and unique fragrances.

PerfumeLAB - Capital MondayPerfumeLAB - Capital Monday

The five sCentiments

These five different scents are very special. They use heaps of natural ingredients with targetted “aromachological” properties (as they call it). These ingredients all work with the mood, to give you that instant boost. These perfumes will fulfill your emotional needs at any time. These five scents are for all of your lifestyle requirements.

As you can see, they have five different scents to choose from. The ‘Energie’, ‘Condident’, ‘Tendre’, ‘Calme’ and the ‘Oh La La’.

PerfumeLAB - Capital Monday


I received this very cute mini version with samples of all the fragrances… The MiniLAB. In this way you can discover the products at a low price. The nice thing about this is that you can find out which one of the fragrances suits you the best. I really enjoyed trying out these products. My personal favorite is the ‘Oh La La’!

PerfumeLAB - Capital MondayPerfumeLAB - Capital MondayPerfumeLAB - Capital Monday



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  1. I would never come uo with such a concept. But they have a point and it look very elegant!

  2. Dit klinkt echt heel goed! Vind ook het strakke design van de flesjes erg mooi, past helemaal in mijn straatje.
    Mijn favoriete parfum is Love Chloé. Ben al aan mijn 3e fles toe…

  3. Maikel

    Chantal these are so lovely! I have to visit this shop some time. I am totally in love with Tom ford Soleil Blanc at the moment

  4. Oh this seems really unusual, such a great idea! You have a lovely blog here, well done on all your hard work pretty lady! x

  5. kim

    Oehh mijn eerste ingeving was ook de “Oh la la”. Ben erg benieuwd nu hoe hij ruikt! Ook een parfum gek hierzo! Mijn favoriet of all time is D&G – Light Blue… oh heerlijk! Of Chloe… Ook erg fijne geuren!

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