Alexander McQueen Scarf - Capital Monday

Outfit: Alexander McQueen Scarf

Hey you, welcome! Today it’s time to talk about one of my favorite pieces in my closet, I’m talking about my blue Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf! The funny thing is, I use to wear a lot of skulls when I was back in high school. But in my adult life I kind of lost my interest for it, until I received this beauty as a birthday present from my dear friend Kevin.

Alexander McQueen Scarf - Capital Monday

My Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

O my isn’t she a beauty? I fell in love with this blue color and the use of the different sized skull illustrations right away. The only thing is, that this piece doesn’t easily match with everything in my closet. But hé, it’s OK! It’s great to make a outfit statement by adding this scarf to it. And it expands my creativity when it comes to creating new looks as well.

Alexander McQueen Scarf - Capital Monday

This time I’m wearing my scarf with a bomber jacket, simple white tanktop and some worn out jeans. Perfect for a Sunday stroll around the city! If you are looking for a new summer jacket, take a look at These photo’s were taken by the Koppelpoort in Amersfoort by the way.

Alexander McQueen Scarf - Capital MondayAlexander McQueen Scarf - Capital MondayAlexander McQueen Scarf - Capital Monday

I hope you liked this look, let me know what you think!

What I’m wearing?
Scarf: Alexander McQueen / Jacket: Costes / Tanktop: The Sting / Jeans: G-star Raw

PH: Kevin


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  1. Ook al draag je hem niet vaak hij blijft wel erg mooi. En wat was het heerlijk zondag zo. Mooie foto’s geworden babe

  2. Wat is hij geweldig he! Ik heb mijn mcqueen al jaren en hij is nogsteeds mooi❤

  3. Prachtige shawl! Haha ik had vroeger idd ook veel dingen met skulls, nu niks meer. Ik ben geen fashionista, maar mooi hoor en prachtige foto’s.

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