Fresh 'n Rebel - Caps Wireless Headphones - Capital Monday

Review: Fresh ‘n Rebel – Caps Wireless Headphones

When you are following me a little while longer, you should know that I’m obsessed with listening to music. I try to listen to it everywhere I can, in the car, at home and even during work! Today I want to share with you one of my find of the century… the Caps Wireless Headphones by Fresh ‘n Rebel. Check out my experience down below!

Fresh 'n Rebel - Caps Wireless Headphones - Capital Monday

About Fresh ‘n Rebel

Fresh ‘n Rebel is an in Rotterdam based brand, you can call their products hip and a little bit rebellious. It doesn’t matter whether your listing to music or charging your phone on the way. The Fresh ‘n Rebel products are always the right choice, when it comes to enjoying the most beautiful things in life freely.

Fresh 'n Rebel - Caps Wireless Headphones - Capital Monday

I love playing shows. That’s the time I have to really share what I am about. – Gin Wigmore

My experience with the Caps wireless headphones

When I received my packages, I was quite impressed by how good this product and the packaging looks. Good job! I’m not easily impressed. I love their little lobster logo on the sides of the caps, it’s a really cute detail. And this color ‘Ruby’ is literally everything in my opinion.

Before usage you’ve got to charge the headphones with the supplied plug, also provided with a little lobster detail. I couldn’t wait to use them, so I didn’t wait until it was fully charge. Very bad, I know! I’m not going to do that again. I promise.

Fresh 'n Rebel - Caps Wireless Headphones - Capital Monday

The Caps Wireless headphones are a on-ear headphone with a very rich sound and deep bass. But OMG the sound that comes out of these headphone is really amazing. I even heard new sounds and instruments that I usually never hear when I play my CD’s in the car. The bass is to die for and the sounds which has been added to TV shows are so lively and clear as a crisp.

Fresh 'n Rebel - Caps Wireless Headphones - Capital Monday

The battery hold for like 6 whole hours. When the battery starts to fail, the sounds will start breaking up. That’s your signal to recharge this precious baby!

What do you think, is this a gadget that will fit into your lifestyle?


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  1. Ohhh lovely! I love my wireless headset that I have too. Does it come with a wire too? So when the battery is finished you can at least keep listening?
    That color looks pretty with your hair color!

  2. Hey – those headphones look pretty cool, I’m a big fan of going with wireless headphones. I don’t know when having a wire became such a big problem, but I wouldn’t go back now. nice review – thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Gepi

    Nice! But very unimpressive manual though..
    Fully charge the battery, it says. But not how!
    When you plug in the USB cable, nothing happens: it does not work.. I had to replace the supplied micro-USB cable!
    Now a light (red) comes on but how long should it be kept plugged in the PC? Is it supposed to turn green? No info about that either… Meanwhile the Win10 Bluetooth device search spins endlessly…
    From time to time an unknown device shows up but fails to be paired: try again!
    Not impressed!..

  4. They are very beautiful wireless headphones and i have to admit that the lobster logo makes them really cute… i need to get this as a present for a good friend. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi All
    The cap wireless headphones looks beautiful , in addition they are wireless, 6 hour long play without recharge,.More important, the sound quality is quiet good (“Amazing….”) , comes with extra bass (“Deep bass”) as the reviewer mentioned, it seems good deal to consider for some potential buyers indeed,

  6. It looks very good on you, I want to buy sames for my sister. Thanks for the post 🙂

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