Keep calm and relax - Capital Monday

How to: Keep calm and relax in busy times

Hi guys, today I want to show you how I try to manage my stress levels on a daily base. My mean goal is to Keep calm and relax, even in busy and stressful times. I gathered five points for you, that worked very well for me in the past. Maybe you can get something out of it too!

Cancel appointments

This is the first big thing you have to do, if you want to destress. When your agenda is a little bit emptier, you will find some time for yourself. Do things, you normally don’t have the time for. For example: to read a book or get to bed early. Most people don’t mind when you have to cancel your appointment with them. Especially when you tell them why.

Keep calm and relax - Capital Monday

Get enough sleep

A good night sleep can change te world… really! You feel more energetic, cheerful and even happier when you got your 8 hours of sleep. Also you will start seeing issues with a different view and put thing in perspective easier. Like you can rule the world again. Well, at least I feel this way!

Keep calm and relax - Capital Monday

Meditate to keep calm and relax

It sounds a little bit woolly but it really isn’t. When I go crazy from all the thoughts that are running through my head, I really want to clear all of them out. So I get my mediation pillow, close my eyes in quiet room and I send my attention straight to my breathing for like 10 minutes. Tip! Use the Calm application that you can download on your smartphone. With this app you can choose a lot of different kind of meditation forms and there is always a woman’s voice telling you what tot do. Easy right?!

Keep calm and relax - Capital Monday

Read a book

Maybe you heard it before, but a book works more relaxing then watching TV. There are so many impressions your brain has to process while binge watching your favorite series. You can say that you could get more stressed out when you’re already experience stress. So I can recommend you to read more, try to figure out what your favorite genre is and you can’t put those books away anymore.

Keep calm and relax - Capital Monday

Listen to relaxing music

My favorite ‘Keep calm and relax’ tip is listing to music and even sing along. It helps you to release the tightness in your body and mind. When I come home from work on friday I have to put on some music to relax. It even helps me to write my artikels even more. These are the artist I like to listen at friday of in the car back home: Lady Gaga (to get my frustrations out), Lana Del Rey (to get totally relaxed), Beth Hart (always a good idea), Joss Stone, Børns, Muse, Jason Mraz and Selah Sue. Go check them out if you want to try something different.

Keep calm and relax - Capital Monday

Which of the above tips would you like to apply in your own life? 


Just another day – Lady Gaga
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    1. Thank you so much dear! I have to push myself as well to pick up a book. But in the end it brings me peaceful mind.

  1. Very reconizable! What helps me is to read! I just finished that Karen Slaughter btw. And skipping appointment s! Just for a few days and then my battry is charged up again.

    1. O what a coincident! It takes only a couple of days, indeed!
      So nice to read that someone can identify with this article.

  2. Heel erg fijn artikel. Ik plan nu vaak in het weekend niet zoveel in, of 1 dag wat en dan 1 dag rustig, heerlijk! maar een boek lezen is echt niks voor mij haha!
    See u soon

    1. Dank je wel schat, het lukt mij ook niet vaak hoor om een boek te pakken. Maar als ik er eenmaal in zit ga ik als een trein.

  3. Dat genoeg slapen is toch wel een dingetje… Ik probeer het regelmatig, maar het wil niet altijd even goed lukken. Ik wil altijd nog zoveel doen!

    1. Het lukt mij ook nog steeds niet altijd om op tijd te gaan slapen hoor. Inderdaad iedere dag, nog zoveel te doen. XXX

  4. I love cancelling appointments! It always gives me such a sense of relief! Like taking off shoes that are too tight.

    I go for a run every day to keep my stress levels low.

  5. Fijne tips! Helaas zou ik graag wat meer afspraken willen zodat ik niet de hele tijd tegen mezelf zit te praten…. haha…
    Verder helpt dansen voor mij ook.
    En wat een geweldig dekbedovertrek! 🙂

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