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5x great places in Delft

Thank you for stopping by! Back in 2010 I fell in love with Delft, this city symbolizes for me; new love, freedom and growing into my own individual. I visited Delft almost every week back then to see my boyfriend. It was quite a journey!

Even nowadays we love to go back there every once in a while to snif up some nostalgia. I handpicked 5 places you should visit while your in Delft.

Delft - Capital Monday

The ‘Beestenmarkt’

This square is filled with the cutest bars, terraces and restaurants and coming here feels immediately as home. The ‘Beestenmarkt’ is 60 by 50 meters big and created by the demolition of the ‘Minderbroeder’ monastery. From 1595 to 1972 this was the place in Delft for the local cattle market. Especially in the summer this square is a major night spot for having some nice drinks with friends.

Beestenmarkt Delft - Capital Monday

Kobus Kuch

In my opinion the nicest café in Delft. Kobus Kuch opened their doors for the first time in 1988. In the mean time their living room café had grown into the most famous one here. They are well known because of their apple pie! You can also visit them for some nice cup of coffee, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Your day isn’t complete without paying a visit at Kobus Kuch.

Kobus Kuch Delft - Capital Monday

Kobus Kuch Delft - Capital Monday

The ‘Nieuwe kerk’

The ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ in Delft is a church build in the centre of the city on the mean market square. This church has the second highest of the Netherlands after the ‘Dom’ tower in Utrecht. The ‘Nieuwe kerk’ is known for the tomb of Willem van Oranje. Underneath his tomb you will find the crypt of the royal family. You can visit this building and climb his tower, almost every day of the week excluding Sundays.

Nieuwe Kerk Delft - Capital Monday

Sorry guys, I was photo bombing this picture.

Nieuwe Kerk Delft - Capital Monday

De waag

This place is one of my personal favorites to have a lunch. ‘De Waag’ is build right behind the city hall at the west side of the market square. On the back of the restaurant lies the old wine port. Until 1960 the scales where still used for weighing products. After that this building was turned into a theater and since 1999 it’s been used as an eatery.

De Waag Delft - Capital Monday

De Waag Delft - Capital Monday

De Waag Delft - Capital Monday

Antique market

When you love to look voor vintage treasures, this is the place for you! You can visit this antique market from April until Oktober on every Thursday and Saturday. It’s places along the water near the Hippolytus neighborhood, the Voldersgracht and the Wijnhaven. I bought a very nice real crystal carafe there!

Antiekmarkt Delft - Capital Monday

I hope I inspired you all to go and visit Delft, at least one time in the near future.
What do you think of the marvelous city of Delft?


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  1. Ohh delft is zeker mooi. Neem mij een keer mee 😉 en het eten ziet er ook zo lekker uit. P.S. je deed die ene foto gewoon expres foto bommen hahaha

  2. Ik heb laatst een bloggerstour door Delft gedaan. Ondanks dat ik niet ver van Delft woon, kom ik er eigenlijk nooit (behalve bij de Ikea en vroeger ook Makro 😉 ) Wel een mooie stad om vaker te komen

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