Meneer Smakers Burgers - Capital Monday

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Hey you! Today i’m going to take you to one of my favorite burger restaurants in Utrecht, namely Meneer Smakers! It’s really ideal after a long day of shopping. It doesn’t even matter where you are, there is always one nearby. Because they have three different locations in the centre of Utrecht.

Meneer Smakers Burgers - Capital Monday

About Meneer Smakers

At Meneer Smakers they make their burgers from traditionally prepared meat. They put the freshest ingredients on top of these burgers. By the way… those ingredients come directly from the land. Vegetarian? No problem! They also have delicious veggy burgers. Beside burgers, they also serve delicious sandwiches for lunch.

It’s also possible to takeout your order and eat it in the comfort of your own home.

Meneer Smakers Burgers - Capital Monday

I always say, ‘Eat clean to stay fit; have a burger
to stay sane.’ – Gigi Hadid

My experience

After a successful shopping spree, my mother and I decided to go to Meneer Smakers at the ‘Oudegracht’. In the middle of a crowded shopping district in Utrecht. We were just in time, before other people also came up with the idea to grab a bite. This restaurant is a little bit on the tiny side, but it feels very relaxed and homelike. Last but not least, they are very alert about any allergies. So even I could have a normal meal without worrying about getting sick.

Meneer Smakers Burgers - Capital Monday

Meneer Smakers Burgers - Capital Monday

Meneer Smakers Burgers - Capital Monday

Meneer Smakers Burgers - Capital Monday

My order?

My mother and I ordered the ‘Mevrouw Smakers’ burger with, grilled paprika, zucchini, jalapeños and a secret sauce made according to the family recipe. This is a spicy burger made from 100% beef. Therefore I think they have the most amazing burger that I ate in a while! But our order wasn’t finished yet, we also ordered some fries and a Coca Cola (unhealthy all the way, oops!) on the side.

Meneer Smakers Burgers - Capital Monday

There was something quite hilarious actually. My mother didn’t know what jalapeños were before she even ordered the burger. So you can imagine what happend! There was steam coming out of her ears. Besides that, she still thought that the burger was great. That’s a relieve.


Meneer Smakers
Oudegracht 116, Utrecht ♥ Twijnstraat 62, Utrecht ♥ Nobelstraat 143, Utrecht

What is your favorite burger restaurant? Or what’s your most hilarious moment that ever happend in a restaurant?


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