Fitgirl tag - Capital Monday

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Hey You! There are so many thing going on in the media about ‘being a Fitgirl‘. But when do you earn this title exactly? Or is it only a marketing hyped word? I mean, in my opinion, being a Fitgirl is when you are looking out for yourself by eating right and getting enough exercise. Or am I missing the point here? Please tell me!

Fitgirl tag - Capital Monday

So today I have a little tag for you guys about working out. After this you can decide if i’m a Fitgirl or not. Probably not, because I don’t go to the gym more then 2 times a week.

What sport(s) do you practice?

I work-out at the gym and I follow a couple of X-CO or Sh’bam lessons sometimes.

How much do you work-out weekly?

I try to work-out twice a week which stands for 3 hours of intensive training.

Are you a cardio person, or do you like weight training better, or are you totally zen with your balance exercises?

When i’m at the gym I try to combine cardio with lifting in one work-out session. Only this way i’m able to train my whole body.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have
to live. –  Jim Rohn

Do you rather work-out alone or with others?

OMG, maybe this is a little awkward, but I love to work-out alone! Sorry people, i’m just a little bit of a loner.

What do you do when you feel a little bit lazy and you don’t want to work-out anymore? Would you rather make up an excuse or try to motivate yourself again?

It depends on how busy I am that week. When I don’t have the option of going another day, I will do my very best to still go. But when I have an option of shifting my work-out, I will. As long as I go two times a week (that’s my goal).

What’s your biggest sport gaffe?

One day I came home from my work-out and I walked passed our mirror. That’s when the horror struck me… my sports pants were a little bit see-through! I still hope that not everybody saw it.

What annoys you the most during a work-out?

When it is very crowded at the gym, especially on a week night. You almost have to get into a fight to get your turn on the sports equipment. Grrr!

Are you someone that uses sport gadgets like an activity meter, special apps on your smartphone or a heart rate meter?

YES I LOVE MY FITBIT. In one of my previous posts you can read more about it.

Fitgirl tag - Capital Monday

For a lot of us, working out more is one of our main 2017 resolutions. That’s why I want to tag Kevin (of justKVN) and Wendy (of wendyvansoest) to fill in this questionnaire later on this year. I would love to see how they are doing and to keep them motivated!

I hope you liked this tag just as much as I did writing it. The originally Dutch tag comes from Kelly of KellyCaresse.

Ph of me: Kevin


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  1. Leuke tag. Zelf ga ik vijf keer per week hardlopen en een dag fietsen. Zondag is mijn rustdag, maar dan ga ik ‘s avonds stijldansen met mijn man.

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