How to recharge your battery?

2016 was a tough cookie, I tell you that! During a period of complete exhaustion and severe symptoms of stress, I really got to know myself. My weaknesses and my strengths. When I look back, i’m glad that this happened to me. Otherwise I wasn’t the person that I am today. My biggest lesson was/is to stand up for myself and that it isn’t necessary to please everyone. I also discovered the things I love doing again. That was my ultimate accomplishment of the year.

Meanwhile we are in 2017 for several days now and I’ve got the feeling that my battery is recharged again. Maybe it has something to do with all the steps that i want to take, in combination with the days that are getting longer again (more sun hours bladibla).

Recharge engery - Capital Monday

★ How to get started? ★
  1. Make a bucketlist: Write down everything you want to do in life (it doesn’t matter if things aren’t that realistic or silly, just write them down).
  2. Pick a couple of wishes/dreams: Just pick two things that are easier to accomplish and also one thing that is harder to do. Just to challenge yourself.
  3. Make plans: How, what, when and where you want to make your dreams come true? And what do you need to get there?
  4. Start arranging: Go start arrange things! Your dreams aren’t coming true by just sitting, waiting and wishing. Go book that flight, join that club, start a new study, apply for a new job or move to another country.
★ The things that causes my battery to recharge? ★

1st – I want to travel the world: Kevin and I decided last year that we are finally going to New York in 2017. Besides that, my boyfriend and I want to take a lovely holiday as well this year. If every goes well, we would love to go to Curaçao or Aruba.

2nd – I want to empower others to find their inner balans and happiness: This is something I want to continue doing through my blog. There is a lot of awareness on this topic already, but I think that lots of people still need a little push when it comes to taking steps to getting where they want to be.

3th – I’m really thinking about to start writing my own book: This is something I want to sort out this year. I will keep you guys posted.

When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple. – Paulo Coelho

So what are you waiting for? Recharge your battery by making plans and start doing thing you truly enjoy!


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  1. Yes youre so right! Love this article <3
    My dream for this year is to have our baby healthy in our arms. That's all that matters to me 🙂 2016 was a year full of new things too. It's nice to keep growing xx

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