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Achieve goals in 2017 | My intentions are good

In January we all are filled with good intentions for the upcoming year. But mostly when time passes, our straight to achieve our goals starts to weaken. Including me, unfortunately. That’s why I combined five tips to achieve them a little bit easier.

Achieve goals - Capital Monday

Write down what you want to achieve

Write down your goals and look at them every day. So they become a part of you (conscious and subconscious) and you will be fighting for it even harder. Will you succeed… isn’t the question anymore, it becomes a certainty.

Make smaller goals

I’m starting off the year with making separate goals to accomplish my ultimate goals. It becomes easier when you have an overview of where you work towards. For example… I want to lose some weight, it gets more tangible when you set monthly goals for yourself. Otherwise it can feel like you will never get were you want to be.

Having an aim is the key to achieving your best.
– Henry J. Kaiser

Achieve goals - Capital Monday
What do you have to change?

Write down the things you need to change in order to achieve. This way it gets more understandable for yourself, to find out what it takes to achieve and if it’s realistic enough. Most of the things we have to change really, is our timemanagement. Mostly we are complaining about the things we love to do but we haven’t enough time to do so. Maybe one of our good intentions of 2017 should be, taking more time for yourself.

Create a new habit

There is nothing more difficult then to change your behavior. So create new and small habits around your goals that you can implement on a daily base. Try to do them regularly and it would be best if you do them on the same time. This is also a matter of persevering because it takes 60 days to create a habit.

Achieve goals - Capital Monday

Tell People

At last but not least, tell other people about your intentions. They will support you and help you get there! Tell them about the milestones you reached but also the setbacks you are going through. You will be amazed by the support you’ll get from the people around you.

I hope that you find this article very useful. But what are your good intentions for 2017?

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