Recap December - Capital Monday

Recap December | Celebrate the reality

Hey everybody! It’s 2017 already, that’s why I want to tell you about what I did last month. It was quite busy so lets get started with my recap of December.

Concert Indian Askin

My boyfriend and I started this month with a amazing concert of Indian Askin. Their music sounded a bit different in real life then on the record, much rougher and more aggressive. With this said, we had a great evening.

Indian Askin - Capital Monday


In the second weekend of December we celebrated ‘Sinterklaas’ with my family in law. As you may know, this Dutch tradition normally gets celebrated on the 5th. We spent the whole evening unwrapping gifts and reading some hilarious poems. I made a surprise gift (iPhone) for my brother in law (he is always teasing me because I own a iPhone and he hates every apple product).

Recap December - Capital Monday

Christmas Market

One week after that, I was invited to go with Kevin and Rachel to a humongous Christmas market in Dordrecht. People say that this is the biggest one in The Netherlands. We had a blast and I had my first Churos that day, I know… unbelievable right?!

Recap December - Capital Monday

Christmas parties

Like I already said in one of my previous post, I celebrated Christmas 5 times. Maybe a little bit too much, but we spend it very well with a lot family and friends. We baked, cooked, laughed and drank a couple of wines/beers.


In between Christmas and New Years Eve we took a trip to the most beautiful (in my opinion) amusement park in The Netherlands… De Efteling. I went there with my love, niece and my nieces daughter. Normally we would go to all of the rollercoaster rides, but now with a little girl right next to us, we spend our time with going on rides for the smallest family members.

Efteling - Capital Monday

New Years Eve

On this day we spent our time with my father and his girlfriend, they both were celebrating their 55th birthday. There were home made snacks, lovely anecdotes and we were in good company of friends and family as well.

As you can see, we celebrated a lot in December. I hope you had just as much fun as I had. Let me know what you did and what you think of this post.


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  1. Je eerste Churros, dat moest echt gevierd worden natuurlijk. Heerlijk deeg met een laagje suiker erover! Jum. Meestal kochten we dit in Spanje, kraampjes in overvloed.

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