Sport motivaton - Capital Monday

Fitbit Watch | You gotta work

The holidays are almost here and everyone is relishing a little bit too much. Just do it with discipline, these days are a good excuse anyway. You being cosy with family and friends always feels like the last push to take more snacks than you really need. At least I caught myself doing that previous years. Yes, shame on me! This year I want to do this a little bit different. Between Christmas and New Years eve I want to exercise more and relish less. I know it sounds crazy, but afterwards I will be glad. Luckily I have a Fitbit to encourage me.

Sport motivaton - Capital Monday

Project fit

I’m not a Fit-girl at all. I want to be but my perseverance wasn’t strong enough in the last couple of years. If I think back… it never really was there to begin with. But now I’m getting older and I start to realize that it is wiser to maintain my body a bit better. So now I’m trying to find out what kind of exercise I want to do. I noticed that I lose my interest very quickly and I need to change my work-out quite often. Otherwise I would stop going, believe me i’ve been there a lot of times.

Sport motivaton - Capital Monday

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain

Sport motivaton - Capital Monday

Fitbit is a smartwatch that tracks every part of your day (including activityexercisefoodweight and sleep) to help you find your fit and stay motivated. I truly love this watch, you can track all of your movements in a handy smartphone app that comes with the watch. I bought my Fitbit Charge HR about 1 year ago and I’m always wearing it. There are a lot of different Fitbit product you can get. Like watches that are more or less advanced, but they also have special scales you can connect to your application as well. Another great motivator for me is a good and nice looking pair of sportswear. Take a look at and find yourself a great outfit as well. If you are needing some extra support during your exercise, you can also look for some nice compression socks (compressiekousen) here.

Fitbit watch - Capital Monday

What do you do, to stay motivated?

Sports vest: H&M | Sport pants: H&M | Sport shirt: Modemusthaves | Sneakers: Nike
PH: Kevin


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  1. The end result of the pictures are stunning.
    I need to go to the ASAP. Maybe next week otherwise next year – new year, better body and fit to NYC.

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