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Top 5 travel destinations wishlist | I want to get away

I’m always feeling the neediness of picking out vacation destinations for next years summer, when the cold weather arrives. Do you guys recognize this? I don’t know why but this time of year I start daydreaming about all kinds of places where we could go to. Through time I developed a travel wishlist, continue reading and you will find out. Maybe you will get inspired by it.

New York

First on my list is New York, of course. Who doesn’t want to go there (o yeah that’s right… my boyfriend)? I noticed that there is some kind of vibe there that is been calling my name for years now. So this year I decided that I want to go there and take a look around for myself. It’s going to happen next september (2017) with my dear friend Kevin. We have a very handy application to combine all of our sights that we want to see ( I can already see myself walking down broadway and shoot photo’s on the coolest places on earth. We both love good food and nice diners, so our list is filled with lots of places to go. Maybe we should go a month instead of a week, otherwise we don’t have the chance to visit all of them (LOL).

New York - Capital Monday


I love taking city trips, but hé… A girl needs her rest as well! I think this beautiful bounty island would be just perfect to escape the hectics from back home. This is such a colorful place to stay, only the sight of these pictures make me very happy. My boyfriend came with this destination actually and bit by bit it started to grow on me. This vacation is a nice place for slowing down your pace and relax on the beach.

Curacao - Capital Monday

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.
– Frank Borman


Besides New York I want to take a road trip in the future. But I’m not quite certain which part we will be taking. The only thing I know for sure is that I want to visit New Orleans very badly. I really want to see where music genres like Gospel and Jazz arose. I also would like to see Nashville, this city’s nickname is ‘Music City’ the capital of country music. To end the cirkel of cities filled with music, I would love to see Chicago too, here you will find lots of blues, opera and one of the biggest/most famous orchestra’s of the world. Hmm, maybe I do know which part we should take.

New Orleans - Capital Monday


Two words… Nature and sightseeing. Western Canada has it all, like Vancouver. But also lovely places surrounded by nature like Cathedral Grove Park, Banff National Park and Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site.

Canada - Capital Monday


Last but not least on my travel wishlist… Norway. I have been here before, but the next time I really want to go see the Northern light. This is such a natural phenomenon, the pictures are beautiful but I think that it’s breathtaking in real life.

The Northern light - Capital Monday

Which cities/countries are on your travel wishlist?

PH: Sorry these photo’s are not mine, I found them on Pinterest. It is a wishlist after all.



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