Kos, Greece - Capital Monday

Top 5 Kos must sees | Island in the sun

Hi there, are you thinking about a holiday to Greece next year? I would recommend the island Kos, it isn’t only a party island as most of the people say it is. Keep reading and get inspired by the five places and sights I compiled for you.

Kos, Greece - Capital Monday

Rent a bicycle

I recommend you to rent a bicycle while you’re on Kos. This because it gives you way more freedom on the island. When your hotel is outside of the central area it is very nice that you can reach the centre easily for some groceries or dinner. You can rent them at Moto Harley, they have a couple of locations where you can pick up your bicycle.

Kos bike rent - Capital Monday

My Vocation is my Vacation. I love what I do.
– Nick Cannon

Rent a buggy

At the same spot (Moto Harley) you can rent one of these buggies. It’s so much fun to drive these things around in the mountains and at the beach. You come by sights you would never see, when you stay at the main paths. Just take a map with you and start driving. But be very cautious about where you’re going to rent one of these! There are a lot of rental companies who charge way too much money. So look around and compare first.

Kos buggy rent - Capital MondayKos Buggy rent - Capital Monday

Take a bustour to see Kos in a new way

If you love sightseeing as much as i do, than this is a great way to spend the day during your stay at Kos. This tour is called the Island tour and will take you to the most beautiful places on this island. You start with a visit to Asklepion, this is a historical and medial place of pelgrimage that came into existence by the teachings of Hippocrates (the founder of modern medicine). The next stop is the village of Pyli, here you learn about the mythes of the former Greek people. There is also time to enjoy a nice lunch and you learn how to make the original Greek Moussaka. After these two stops you also visit a winery, a bee farm and the lovely beach of Kefalos.

Kos bus tour - Capital Monday Kos bus tour - Capital Monday

Take a stroll around Kos city

If I can give you a tip… you should definitely plan a day for exploring Kos city as well. Besides all the nice restaurants and bars it is a very historical place with a story. Near the harbor lies the ancient town of Kos. Here you can see the ruins of a Temple  that’s been dedicated to Hercules. But also the remains of a sanctuary, dedicated to Aphrodite. Look how big the trees are on the picture below (that’s me in the centre).

Before entering this town you come across the ancient tree of Hippocrates, believing the mythes, Hippocrates sat here a lot of times. They also claim that this tree is the oldest one of Europe and is about a couple of hundred years old. This tree stands before the entrance of the Knights castle. This is one of the most impressive monument of the Venetian period, it’s placed at the right side of the harbor.

Kos centre - Capital MondayKos centre - Capital Monday

Go visit Bodrum (Turkey) for a day

Did you know that Bodrum (Turkey) is only an hour boot trip away from Kos? That makes it very tempting, to get on that boot and pay a visit. Two counties in one vacation, what would you want more? Bodrum is one of the vacation spots that are very popular by the young jet-set of Turkey. But it becomes more and more a spot where foreign people come as well. This city is well known for it’s big amount of shops. Yes you can shop till you drop around here. But also they are very known for there gold and diamond jewelry.

Bodrum - Capital Monday

Go check out this beautiful island, and let me know what your must sees are.

I hope you liked this post and tell me… Do you want more of these kind of posts in the future?


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  1. Wat een mooie foto’s lieverd! En een goede post, ik wil ook in zo’n buggy rijden volgens mij is dat te hysterisch

    1. Dank je wel schat! Zo’n buggy is inderdaad hysterisch, op een gegeven moment vond ik het niet meer leuk. hahahah xxx

  2. Kos is a fabulous island, I have been there! I loved the calm beaches and the blue colors of the ocean there! I wouldn’t stay longer than 8 days however since the island is pretty small.

    xo Sabine


  3. I read your report about the island Kos, and found it was very inspiring.

    We have decided to go ahead and check it our very soon and made the bookings.

    Great work, and again thank you.

    Cheers Sharon…

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