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 Restaurant Aand8

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to tell more about one of my favorite restaurants (Aand8), that I paid a couple of visit’s before.  This time I went with Linda, a good friend of mine.

Aand8 -Capital Monday

The name – Aand8 (aandacht/attention) – suits this place very well.  When you look around, you will be amazed by all of the present details. You can see that it’s build with great care and love. It looks so warm and welcoming, you feel at home right away!

Aand8 - Capital Monday Aand8 -Capital Monday

Also the attention you receive from the waitresses is very comforting and unique. I’ve been to many restaurants in my time and I haven’t had good service like this, that often. For me it’s something I find quite important, because I have a serious nut allergy.

‘The greatest gift you can give someone is attention’

What did we have?

After we sat down and ordered our drinks, the waitress served us a bowl of peanut. Which i can’t eat, so we asked her to take it with her . Not even 10 minutes later they made something special for us as a welcome bite (the salmon bite on the picture below). This was so nice of them to do, we didn’t even asked for it. They just made it anyway and it tasted fantastic.

Aand8 -Capital Monday

For the first course we chose for a very nice pumpkin soup and a goat cheese salad. Doesn’t it look delicious? This was very good and nicely served as well. The eye wants something too.

Aand8 -Capital Monday Aand8 -Capital Monday

We both chose the ‘Wok and Roll’ as the second course. This meal looked as amazing as the previous ones and the asian taste was heaven. The beef and vegetables were tasteful and well done.

Aand8 -Capital Monday

For the main course I chose a very nice homemade ravioli. You guessed it already, this was just as good as the other courses. During the dessert I felt like a little kid, because the chocolate cake was nut free and safe for me to eat. It was a pity, because finishing it was more difficult than I imagined.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take any good pictures of the main courses and the desert. It became dark and the pictures turned out worse, so I decided not to share them with you. Oh well at least i have a good reason to get back here in the Spring/Summer.


Korenbeursplein 3
4001 KX Tiel
The Netherlands

If I have to rate Aand8 it would get an big 10! We enjoyed our stay here, the food was amazing and we are definitely going back. When there is a chance of you being in the area, you should go down there.

Do you guys have any restaurant recommendations for me?


Favourite – The bony king of nowhere
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  1. Ohhh yesss this sounds really good and it looks good as well.. I’ve never hear of Aand8 maybe I should pay a visit the next time when I’m visiting that little town 😉

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