Berlin - Capital Monday

City trip: Berlin | Be my home just for the day

Hi everyone, are you thinking about going to Berlin soon or in the future? Read on and maybe you will get inspired by the six sights and places that left quite an impression.

Berlin - Capital Monday

The Berlin wall

During our trip to Berlin we were clear that we wanted to see the Berlin wall. After all it’s one of the biggest sights to see. For me it was a throwback to my college time. Back then there were no fences around the wall, what made taking photo’s a little bit easier. But it still is a very impressive sight. From 1961 till 1989 the wall separated east and west Berlin, it was a symbol that resembled the cold war.


Brandenburg Gate

At night we took a stroll around the city and we paid a visit to the Brandenburg Gate. I remember that I was amazed by the extent of this gate and how beautifully this gate was sculpted on the in and outside. A true must-see in my opinion. The Brandenburg Gate is the most important gates in Berlin and was build between 1788 and 1791. Back in the day before the gate was placed, this place was the city boarder.


Berlin Cathedral

It’s imposing appearance caught our attention and interest immediately. The Cathedral was also very imposing and beautiful from the inside. During the tour you can go all the way to the top of the building and go outside the dome. Underneath the cathedral you can visit the graves of the royals. You can do the tour all by yourself and there is an option to join a guided tour. The Berlin Cathedral has been build in between 1894 and 1905.


Potsdamer Platz

This square is one of the biggest, busiest and most well known of Berlin. It’s an impressive place to be, not only because of the modern buildings but also it’s history. Before the 2nd World War Potsdamer Platz was already a important business center. Right after, a big part of the square got destroyed and lost. Since 1971 the Berlin wall was placed across the square. After the fall of the wall, Potsdamer Platz restored it’s name and the square. When you’re in the neighbourhood you should visit the Sony Center, it’s a very modern and beautiful indoor building. You can also enjoy a good cup of Starbucks coffee there.


Make sure to cherish every bit – Beth Hart

SachsenHausen concentration camp

This isn’t one of the most fun things to do during your stay in Berlin. But if you are interested in history and the 2nd World War, I can highly recommend you to go and check it out. Personaly i think it’s good to know what happened back then and that we should not ever forget it. Sachsenhausen actually is not placed in Berlin, it’s a 2 hour train journey away from the centre. So i think it will be better to take a car instead of the train.


Mall of Berlin

This is (ofcourse) one of my favorite places in Berlin, it’s really worth your time. Here you can find 270 stores, so i can easily say that this is a huge department store. I bought my favorite pair of Nike sneaker there. This shopping and apartment complex opened only a few years ago (september 2014). It has been build on the pre-war Wertheim department store, which was severely damaged during the 2nd World War and finally demolished in 1955.


Go check out Berlin, as soon as possible. She’s a beauty!

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  1. Oh heimwee! Ik moet er echt weer eens naar toe! Ik heb daar trouwens mijn leukste zelfportret ooit gemaakt. In de tijd dat dat nog geen selfie heette. En je jezelf ook niet op het scherm kon zien. Lekker op mijn buik in het gras bij de Berliner Dom met de voetjes in de lucht. 😉
    Zo’n leuke paar dagen heb ik daar toen gehad met heerlijk weer!

    1. O dat klinkt echt heerlijk! Wij hebben ook echt genoten van Berlijn.
      We gaan zeker nog een keertje terug.

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