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Last night i experienced one of the most extraordinary feelings in the world.
After a lovely evening with my dear friend, i drove back home.

On that freeway – going about 130 km/h – i felt free. Like anything that i imagine was possible, it filled me up with so much satisfaction and happiness. While i was continuing my journey, i got very exited and came up with new ideas for Capital Monday and my personal life (a positive side about driving alone often).


“Value the friendships that energize you and show your appreciation.” – Chantal van Malssen

I don’t really know where the feelings and ideas came from exactly, but i think that all the talks i had that evening where somehow connected. In my opinion this is how a friendship should work, get inspired by them and support each other all the way. Also in times of need. Friends i gathered around me during my life time are one by one inspiring people, who i love till death. I’m very gratefull for having them in my life. Thank you guys!


My friend – Groove Armada
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  1. Having a couple good friends are the key to everything! I’ve had the same friends for years and years and I know they’ll remain in my life, for ever!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I also do have the same friends for years now! Good friend Will stick till the end.

  2. Chantal lieverd ik ben heel erg blij en bevoorrecht met de vriendschap die wij hebben! Ik ken je gewoon al 27 jaar.. 😉 en wij wat bij betreft kunnen er zeker nog wat jaren bij. Je inspireert mij enorm en ik ben gewoon erg blij met al je support door al die jaren heen

    Dikke kus

    1. Lieverd!, ik zie je reactie nu pas. Super lief! Wat mij betreft gaat onze vriendschap door totdat ik deze aarde verlaat! xxxx

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