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It’s already been a couple of weeks since i was in Utrecht, for some outfit shoots with Kevin. We had a lovely time and the weather was pretty good as well. That evening we agreed to the idea of taking a reasonable healthy bite without spending a big amount. So we came up with SLA!


I fell in love with the concept of SLA immediately. They care about you, your health, your allergies (i have a nut allergy) and everything being organic. What made me very happy, was that we could (beside the normale salads on the menu) compose our own salad as well.


My salad was made of a bed of romaine lettuce, quinoa, zucchini, broccoli, salmon pieces and parmesan cheese. You get more than enough, we were pretty stuffed. It was truly delicious and worth repeating. Well look at the picture… doesn’t it look great?


“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” –  James Beard


Besides the delicious dinner, the interior looks very modern and living room alike. There was a very welcoming vibe, i felt at home. We have not felt the feeling of being rushed. So we took our time to enjoy our food, good conversations and rest a little bit before continuing our journey home.


Looking for a healthy, easy dinner and want to feel comfortable? Then i would like to recommend SLA to you. The staff in Utrecht is great, they are very nice and they have patience (yes, it happened again. i couldn’t choose). They also have restaurants in Amsterdam, Den Haag and Haarlem if you think Utrecht is too far away.

Voorstraat 52,
3512 AR Utrecht
The Netherlands

What is your favorite restaurant? Also, let me know what you think about my look in a comment below.


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