Outfit: Nikki blazer | Life sweet like cinnamon

For my first outfit post i chose to mix a tough looking piece with more elegant ones. That’s what i usually try do in daily life. I love the look of combining these two furthest edges, it gives me the feeling of showing my true inner self to the world.



very important to show people who you are, not how they would like you to be. So my advice for you is, wear what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Not only because you want to fit in. In the end you want to feel as good as possible… right?

Do yourself a favor and make your life a little bit sweeter for yourself (maybe even cinnamon flavored ;-)).


img_0493-bewerkt img_0536-bewerkt

What I’m wearing?

First I want to start of with this amazing blue NIKKIE blazer, it’s my key piece in this outfit. It was love at first sight! I had to have it. Underneath it i’m wearing a very simple white Sutherland tanktop. My opinion, a white shirt/tanktop never goes out of style. The pants, combined with the sneakers that i wear are from gutsgusto.com. I’m obsessed about the zippers on the pants, it gives it the ultimate toughness. I still love the white sneaker trend, so i will continue to wear them for a little while. Check out the animal print on the back.

Don’t forget, nothing looks better on you then clothes that fit well. And do not forget to smile with it.

What clothing style do you like the most? Also, let me know what you think about my look in a comment below.

Photo: Kevin


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