Zara Leather Jacket - Capital Monday

I’m not a Princess, I’m a Rockstar in Hollister jeans!

We all want to feel like a rockstar from time to time right? Well I sure do! With my Hollister jeans, rockstar T-shirt and leather jacket I’m on top of my game. I always try to dress myself in a way that I can feel very confident and special in. That’s when most of my ideas and dreams arise.

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Holister jeans - Capital Monday

Hollister Jeans

I fell in love with this very light denim Hollister jeans right away. This beauty spoke to me at the local vintage store and I was very lucky that it fitted. The things that I like the most about these jeans are the fact that the pipes aren’t skinny and the fabric is a little rougher then most denim fabrics. Normally I wear a lot of dark jeans or trousers, so in a lot of ways this one is a whole other level for me.

Holister jeans - Capital Monday

I’m not a Princess, I’m a Rockstar T-shirt

This quote is so amazing don’t you think? I was visiting a couple of stores with a friend and I was holding this shirt up and she was like ‘that shirt is typically you!’. Let me explain that. I’m someone that loves to do whatever she like to do in and with her life. With a rougher looking style and sometimes experiencing some luxury problems, I think I’m a little bit of both in some way. Oopsy. But that means that this shirt was a match made in heaven!

Holister jeans - Capital Monday

Leather jacket by Zara

7 months ago I laid my eyes on this jacket at the Zara in Amersfoort. But I thought it was a little bit to expensive to buy it right on the spot. So a waited a couple of months and it payed off, because last June it was on sale. There was no doubt I my mind about if I should order it of not. I went for it and I saw it as a vacation gift. I love all of the studs but also the embroideries on the back. The only shitty thing is that my hair continuously is stuck behind the studs on the upper side of my back. From now on, I try to make sure I wear a ponytail.

Zara Leather Jacket - Capital Monday
Zara Leather Jacket - Capital Monday

All of these photo’s were taken at Strijp S in Eindhoven, such a lovely area for a photoshoot. I also had a great lunch with Kevin during this day at The Happiness Kitchen.

PH: Kevin



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  1. Stoere look, daar hou ik wel van. De broek zit erg mooi en ik vind de tekst op je shirt ook erg leuk

  2. Waaauw wat een leuke outfit! Echt super leuk gecombineerd. En die leren jas is echt te zalig!

  3. Super dat je je jasje in de sale hebt kunnen scoren! Ik durf dat nooit zo goed aan om te wachten tot de sale, bang dat hij anders weg is! Maar dit jaar heb ik het bij een mooie leren tas gedaan, die ik eigenlijk te duur vond. Gelukkig was hij daarna in de sale en heb ik hem direct besteld :).

  4. Wauw die leather jacket van de zara vind ik je echt goed staan joh! Ik heb hem nog in mijn handen gehad en heb er over staan twijfelen, maar het is niet helemaal mijn ding. Leuke outfit lekker stoer!

  5. It’s always such a struggle for me to find light jeans with a colour that I like but damn these are just right! Loving the cool t-shirt as well, the jacket might be a bit too far out of my comfort zone though but it looks amazing on you

  6. Serafina

    Toffe outfit.. Ik ben graag ook zo aan omdat het stijlvol is en ook tegelijk makkelijk.. 😊

  7. Wow dit is echt een heel andere look dan normaal. Staat je wel, dat stoere. Ook met die lippenstift en nagellak erbij. Vind je jasje geweldig!

  8. Ik volg je ook op insta en ik vind je style echt super!! Deze look is lekker stoer en je make up met mooie lipstick staat je top! En liefde voor dat jasje.

  9. Wat een lejk stoer setje. Zelf ben ik weg van het shirtje – te leuk. Ook dat jasje is geweldig!

  10. Such great jean shopping tips. Shopping for jeans is one of my least favorite things because nothing ever fits right. These jeans look perfect on you!

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