Capital Monday

Wide trousers madness and striped blouse mania

Hi everyone, today I’m going to give you a more clear view of the outfit I wore during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. But now without the leather jacket. This look is all about my wide trousers that I love and the striped blouse. Do you want to know everything about this look? Well read along then!

Wide trousers - Capital Monday

Wide trousers 

I bought these amazing pair of trousers during my vacation at Curaçao, they actually have a couple of very nice shopping malls and stores there. Not something I would think of. What I love the most about this wide trouser is that it has a very high waisted and that the fabric has a lose fit around the legs from top to bottom. I also fitted a lot of different colors, but the black one was the only one I was completely happy with and secure about.

Wide trousers - Capital Monday
Wide trousers - Capital Monday

Striped blouse

This beauty was waiting for me at the Primark in Rotterdam, it was one of the first thing I saw when Daan en I walked into the store. I love the fact that the stripes are vertical instead of horizontal. Because this way it makes you look a lot less broader. Besides this fact, I still had to have something with embroideries on it, in my closet. This blouse is definitely a win-win for me.

Wide trousers - Capital MondayWide trousers - Capital Monday
Wide trousers - Capital Monday

Anna + Nina earring

I’m very lazy! Yes I really am. I always wear the same earrings and I pick ones that I can sleep with all the time. So I basically never change my winning team. A couple of weeks ago a got so bored by having the same ear look over and over again. I decided to go look for a new lovely piece that I could also wear during my sleep. So I added a new this lovely Anna + Nina earring form the Anna Nooshin collection to my party. It’s a wishbone made of sterling silver and handmade. Cute isn’t it?

Anna Nooshin - Anna + Nina - Capital Monday

The silver metallic shoes that I’m wearing are from the H&M previous collection. I still love them, but these aren’t shoes for long walks thought.

Do you want to read more about my trip to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam? You can read my monthly recap here.

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